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Newsletter - 2021- Volume 33 - Issue 1

Our 2021 edition!  


Newsletter - 2020- Volume 32 - Issue 1

Our 2020 edition!  


Newsletter - 2019 - Volume 31 - Issue 2

In this edition Paul Battaglia's cover story talks about technology to improve restaurant acoustics, Melissa Burroughs provides a meeting report, Karen Ward tells about a fantastic summer event, and Gloria Matthews highlights communicating with your medical professionals. 


Newsletter - 2019 - Volume 31 - Issue 1

In this edition we cover Marielle Fitzpatrick tells about her son's experience, Gail Cronin writes about Live Transcribe for Android phones, and Margie Fitchlee reflects on her hearing journey. 


Newsletter - 2018 - Volume 30 - Issue 3

In this edition the B.I.G. Scholarship Award Winning Essay, our June 5th. Special Meeting, an update on our summer picnic, and congratulations are in order for our own Margie Fitchlee!


Newsletter - 2018 - Volume 30 - Issue 2

In this edition our top story is Pete Unger’s Cochlear Implant Journey, the Treasurer's report, Meeting updates, and much more. Enjoy! 


Newsletter - 2018 - Volume 30 - Issue 1

In this edition we hear from Kaitilyn Koester who tells about her journey.  We also have updates from our treasurer Lisa. And some insightful thoughts from Margie. There is a lot more... please have a read! 


Newsletter - 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 4

In this edition we honor and mourn the loss of Father Bob McArtney, who passed away on July 25th., of 2017. Sr. Dorothy writes about the summer picnic and Margie Fitchee covers the Walk4Hearing. 


Newsletter - 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 3

In this edition Ron Sipos talks about his journey, Kristen Puglisi talks about what happens after CI activation, Gail Cronin tells about the end of TTY, and much more!


Newsletter - 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 2

In this edition Sister Dorothy tells us about her experience. Gail Cronin gives us the meeting report, which featured Advance Bionics updates and news. Gloria Matthews tells us about sign language classes being offered by Deaf Access Services (DAS). There much more inside!  


Newsletter - 2017 - Volume 29 - Issue 1

The first newsletter of 2017 features Jacqueline's story and her CI journey. Also included is the Walk4Hearing update, our Bunco fundraiser report, and much more. Click on the link above to get this edition for your reading pleasure.


Newsletter - 2016 - Volume 28 - Issue 4

This edition is dedicated to Jimmie Sorrento who passed away last August after a courageous fight with cancer. In addition to reflecting there are also updates on the summer picnic, the treasurer's report, and a feature Parent's Corner story by Megan Rybicki Glasser. 


Newsletter - 2016 - Volume 28 - Issue 3

In this edition we have Mary Schneider's story. Mary is bilaterally implanted. Our own Gloria Matthews talks about raising her son being as while dealing with her hearing loss. There are also highlights to past events and other regular updates. 


Newsletter - 2016 - Volume 28 - Issue 2

Our feature story comes from Jessica Jurusik who writes about her daughter Kayleigh's journey entitled "Wait, Worry, and Wish". We also have detailed coverage of assisted living devices to help with hearing loss and deafness. You'll also find our regular quarterly updates!


Newsletter - 2016 - Volume 28 - Issue 1

In this edition Karen Ward tells us her journey. We have updates from the various cochlear implant companies. And plenty more! 


Newsletter - 2015 - Volume 27 - Issue 4

In this edition we discuss our Vera Bradley Bingo event, the past summer picnic, and a number of other future events coming up! You'll also find an informative article from Lisa Hill regarding the Loop System she has installed in her house. We also touch on some administrative functions and other ways you can help B.I.G. as we move forward into 2016.


Newsletter - 2015 - Volume 27 - Issue 3

In this edition Krissy Rule writes about her son, Booby, and his journey with hearing loss. Our editor-in-chief Val Cronin explains how the newsletter is produced. Margie Fitchlee, our organization's Vice President, reflects and explains how the generosity of her family provided for our Vera Bradley Bingo event. There is a lot more as well, so check it out!


 Newsletter - 2015 - Volume 27 - Issue 2

In this edition Diane Mogavero tells of her experience with a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). Editor and Publisher Gail Cronin gives us an update. Gloria Matthews shares great news of her achieving HearStrong Champion by the HearStrong Foundation. Margie Fitchlee reflects and discovers the power of reading. Jessica Holst also gives us an update on what's new with cochlear implants this spring. 


Newsletter - 2015 - Volume 27 - Issue 1

In this edition Jimmie Sorrento tells us about his Cochlear Implant journey. Our own Gloria Matthews tells about her experiences listening to music with a Cochlear Implant. Jessica Holst gives an update on the EARS (Educational and Auditory Resource for Sound) program at St. Mary's School for the Deaf. Lisa Hill discusses what a hearing loop is, Fr. Bob McArtney gives us a book review, and our Editor Gal Cronin gives numerous updates about the organization. Be sure to check it out! 



Newsletter - 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 4

Newsletter - 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 3

Newsletter - 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 2

Newsletter - 2014 - Volume 26 - Issue 1


Newsletter - 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 4

Newsletter - 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 3

Newsletter - 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 2

Newsletter - 2013 - Volume 25 - Issue 1


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